The 12v battery can be found in a wide variety of shapes that are nothing like each other. While some may appear similar to a regular AA battery, only slightly shorter and sturdier, other portable 12-volt power amps can be much larger than a regular battery weighing six pounds or more. With such a wide variety of styles and designs, there are several different uses for the twelve-volt battery.

Battery types

The 12 volts come in several different models, but there are two general types, rechargeable and non-rechargeable. While non-rechargeable batteries are less expensive up front, the price of buying them again and again quickly outweighs the cost of buying rechargeable batteries and a charger just once. If you use large quantities of 12v battery packs in a short time, investing in rechargeable models can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Uses for 12 volts

There are many uses for these types of batteries, including portable twelve-volt power devices like travel coolers, fish radars, and much more. The 12v battery is a popular item with many hunters and campers due to its portability and the number of devices that can use it. Many anglers use them to operate portable coolers that keep fish and bait fresh throughout the trip. Campers also use them for similar types of portable items.

Another place large 12v batteries are often found is in children’s vehicles that are often used for outdoor entertainment. Many of the popular toy makers that make miniature versions of their favorite vehicles for kids to use use 6 or 12v power supplies to get the cars up and running.

Turn green

Some 12v rechargeable batteries can be used with a solar charger to make them even more environmentally friendly. Investing in a solar charger will allow you to recharge your energy sources throughout the day, regardless of your location. Whether you are sitting at home, camping by the lake, or fishing in an antique boat, 12 volt solar battery charging panels can effectively collect sunlight and charge your batteries while you are doing your business.

Twelve-volt portable batteries come in dozens of shapes and sizes to meet your needs, whatever they may be. From flashlights and toys to navigation equipment, battery uses are constantly increasing, and with solar charging options, your power source can continue to function at no extra cost. Whether you’re a camper, a fisherman, a kid with a battery-powered jeep, or just a gadget lover, you can be sure to meet your needs with a collection of 12-volt batteries.

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