OVERCOMING objections is a challenge that all champion seducers, womanizers, and love artists (PUA) enjoy. You have undoubtedly come across some yourself.

Here are some classic objections:

# 1 – “I can’t leave my friends.”

Believe me, she can and will. If you overcome this objection, you have done well, as it is a common obstacle for many men. In this situation, there are several strategies you can use.

or make her seriously horny

o Have your wingmate occupy her friends while separating her from the pack

o Take his friends with you to another bar or to your house. Once they see that she is comfortable in your company, they will be more willing to leave her with you.

o As you walk to another bar, try to stay at the back of the group, a few steps from the group, and then just take their hand and dive into a street, a bar, etc.

o Get creative, let her know that her friends don’t need to be held by the hand and that they want her to have fun and have fun. That is probably why they came out of the closet. With that in mind, both of you will go to the XYZ bar on the way

# 2 – “I have a boyfriend!”

or You: “Just the one? Damn, I thought you were better than that.”

or You: “Hey, come on, you’re allowed to make friends, right?”

or You: “Something tells me it’s not that serious. I don’t see wedding rings here.”

o You: “That is exactly why you should listen to me … I am a child and I can also be your friend.”

Tip: don’t get too obsessed with these women. Although any objection can be overcome, it is better to invest the time elsewhere.

# 3 – “I’m not interested!”

or “What do I have to do to make him interested?”

Tip: There are three magic words that will overcome most of the objections you are likely to encounter and which, if followed by a thought-provoking answer, will yield tremendous results. The three magic words are: “Don’t be silly.”


Her: “I’m not coming back to your house tonight.”

You: “Don’t be silly … I know what you’re thinking, so let me tell you straight: I’d be a very lucky woman if you slept with me. There’s a waiting list, you know.”

Her: “Oh really … A waiting list?”

You: “Yes, it has 7 pages … Come on, I’ll show you, let’s move.”

All the best,

Sam santana

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