Thinking of buying family gifts for New Years? If you are on a budget, shopping for gifts can be a difficult decision. However, the following inexpensive gift ideas can help you with this. Keep reading.

1- Self balancing scooter

Today, this thing is quite popular. Even your 6 year olds will love riding them. In fact, riding this scooter is so easy that you will feel like it is part of your body after a few minutes of practice. It is best if you have the budget to buy more than one. Your kids will just be freaked out when they receive this gift on New Years. The best thing about these scooters is that you can also ride them with your family.

2- Mini iPhone projector

This is great as you can take it with you wherever you go. Also, you can watch your favorite movies in this project with your family. You can project on any wall in your home or anywhere else. You can take it with you when you go camping, for example. All you need is an iPhone or an iPad.

This product won’t cost much if you already have an iPhone or iPad, which most households have these days.

3- A family getaway

The best thing about a family getaway is that you can tailor it to your financial situation. So if you can’t afford a trip to Disneyland, you can choose a nearby vacation spot on a budget. It won’t cost that much, but your family will have a lot of fun. You will come back happy after a day out.

4- A concert, event or game that everyone enjoys

You may want to think of something that you know your family will enjoy. For example, it can be a family Broadway show or a Monster Truck Rally. There may be a large amusement park near your home. You may also consider a trip to a nearby children’s activity center, such as a dinosaur park, a children’s museum, or a trampoline park. All you have to do is go for something that stays within budget. The cost will be very reasonable so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

5- paddle surf boards

If you’ve been trying to find an affordable way to have fun, this is your option. Paddle surf boards are a source of fun for children of all ages. This is an excellent option, whether you are traveling alone or with you. You can also opt for an inflatable one. Since it is inflatable, it will not be necessary to have a roof rack. All you have to do is make sure that the thing can support the weight of your children. It can be a great New Years gift without breaking the bank.

Bottom line, if you’ve been looking for some profitable family gift ideas for this New Year, we suggest you give these gift ideas a try and have a lot of fun with your family.

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