Adware are basically programs that disrupt your computer by showing annoying symptoms of banners, pop-ups and all kinds of advertisements on your computer. It may collect personal information and data and transmit it over the Internet without your knowledge. People who do a lot of transactions over the Internet, e-marketing, e-commerce, or Internet banking are at high risk.

Unknown to many more than most Internet users (OVER 90%) are infected with adware and spyware. There are several tools that can help you protect your PC from them. Like any human disease, prevention is always better than cure.

Getting Infected and Prevention Occasionally, when you download certain shareware or freeware programs from certain sites that are not protected or the author feels that in exchange for using their programs for free, they will serve you some ads. Don’t download or stay away from sites that claim to give you a lot for nothing. Oh how wonderful “Oh congratulations, you are our 1,000,000th lucky winner! Click here to win your prize!” Verify that the source you are downloading from is trustworthy.

Your best The preventative measure would be to always have up-to-date or up-to-date spyware. These will act as preventive tools by blocking websites that contain adware and spyware or they will act as a removal tool for your already infected computer. It’s important to read reviews of certain adware and spyware removal tools before deciding to purchase one. Some of these programs contain spyware.

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