Trying to find the owner of the cell phone by tracking the number can be quite an exasperating task. To top it off, there’s also unfair amounts of bad publicity online about this. Figures show that the number of people needing to perform such searches has been growing along with explosive cell phone use. Thus, these are the new generation of people who are in dire need of the reverse cell phone lookup service. Here are some key search tips that you’ll need to be realistic about to set your expectations right.

Good things never come for free.

There are countless sites that offer free reverse phone lookups and yet a few more advertise free reverse mobile phone lookups. While it is half true to the former, there is absolutely no truth to the latter. Landlines are information in the public domain and are therefore available in free phone directories or white pages. Unregistered or cell phone numbers, on the other hand, are not information in the public domain and are therefore not freely available. Sites claiming free cell phone lookups are trying to lure potential users into trying to sign up for the service.

Almost all are included, almost.

Companies that provide this service often boast that they have around 95 percent of all cell phone numbers in their database. However, logic and common sense would tell us to allow for the gaps between the upgrade rate and the abandonment rate of cell phone ownership. So be realistic that there may still be that 5 percent that might be missing from the database. It could be a matter of time, which in my experience could eventually be included in the database after a period.

Test the site with your free initial search.

Find a site that allows you to run an initial search, which will allow you to preview and test the robustness of their database and help you confirm if the phone number you are trying to trace is included in the database group. This step really helps reduce your frustration, and when you find that the number in question isn’t in their database, you can move on to the next site.

The final step is simple, either you exit the site or sign up for the service, in which case you are granted immediate access to the system and enter the number for your full report in minutes. Learn how to make your online searches more pleasant and less painful with reverse cell phone lookup. Have fun.

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