Flip phones were first designed to provide users with a sleek little phone that would fit in a small space and could still be opened to simulate the traditional feel of a landline version. Although many cell phone providers are leaning towards slider phones, a foldable cell phone is still a popular design that attracts many cell phone users.

The advantages of a Flip mobile phone

Each style of cell phone has its advantages and disadvantages. In the case of a foldable phone, the benefits are realized through a variety of avenues. Several years ago, AT&T launched a popular flip style called the Razor. With it came a new set of features that would set the tone for the following. Now, most similar designs also employ copycat features. The flip-up style can have a large display on the outer side of the case, allowing you to have a custom screen protector, a large digital clock, and most of the time a few touchpad buttons to explore a variety of options. media.

The buttons on the side of the external panel can control the volume of the phone and, often, the queues of the Internet browser. These functions allow users to access many functions without having to open the phone. That leads to the other great benefit of a flip-style phone. When not in use, they protect the internal buttons. That means that even if you drop the phone, its buttons will not be damaged. In addition, and in most cases, people who put the phone in their pocket will not slowly wear away the button stickers from the friction of rubbing in the pockets.

The Disadvantages of a Flip Mobile Phone

There are also some negatives to these phones. Since most of them have a large exterior screen, they are prone to cracking or breaking. Many of the retailers of these phones have made (minor, sure) recalls, following reports that their screens were unexpectedly smashed.

However, it is possible that the most real disadvantage for them is in their weak point: in the inverted joint. For many phone users, this has become apparent at one point or another, and is unique to this style. On the hinge where a phone is rotated, there is a prominent point of damage. If a phone falls while open, it can break at the hinge and render it unusable. This flaw cannot be fixed by design.

However, in a point-by-point review of styles, the foldable phone is still one of the best models for its comfort, size and price.

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