I’m Jon Sinn and today I’m going to show you how you can go from the club to your bed just by making sexual jokes.

Sexualized teasing is a great way to break the ice when it comes to the topic of sex.

Humor is a great tool to soften the blow of a lewd comment. If a girl is receptive to your humor, you may enjoy a conversation filled with jokes and innuendo. With good humor, make a girl feel like you’re a sexual animal and encourage her to relate to your own badmouthing. If a girl is offended by a joke, it’s her fault, and you can just pester her again for not being able to take a joke.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be nervous about pulling green or sexual jokes. The interaction will become livelier and you can introduce the topic of sex in preparation for the next step. If I’m having a conversation with a girl in a bar and I accidentally spill a drink on her, I can say something like “oh, I wet you” and make the situation less heavy. She’ll probably say something like “oh, now I’m all wet.”

You can also tell that you have a certain effect on women if they look nervous after you’ve made a sex joke. Blushing is indicative of strong emotion, and you can simply say that you have that effect on women, which will sound like a joke. Hey, you’re blushing because of me, don’t worry, I have that effect on girls. The principle behind this is to make her aware of her desire or arousal with your teasing. It will be harder for him to focus on your teasing as his arousal builds. That you’re arousing his sexual interest just by joking around is a good thing.

Some specific lines you can use include those with reference to whipping and being disciplined by a man. You can say something like she’s very naughty and needs spanking. Or, you can bring up her ex by telling her that he probably didn’t spank her enough.

Another sexualized joke that I often use is the sexual analogy. You can say something like, “I bet you’re the missionary type all the time” or “you probably only have sex on birthdays and Valentine’s Day.” You might like it better if the guy doesn’t take your clothes off during sex. You’re totally like the type of girl who only has sex on the weekends.

Hopefully, with the tips I’ve shared here, you can come up with your own sexualized taunts mentioning sex in a funny way. Sex provides you with so much material that you can use in your jokes, and the way you tell your jokes will be seen as funny. Sexual teasing can be scary, but because you’re joking, the teasing becomes funny.

The best thing about sexual teasing is that you make her think about sex. If you stick to safe topics, it will take her hours before you can get her to warm to you, let alone think about having sex with you.

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