The way you market your book to readers should be based on two things: your values ​​and the intentions of the book. If something feels slimy or inauthentic, don’t do it. You should never allow a little exposure to destroy your values. Short-term gains that feel bad rarely result in long-term growth as an author. They can also decrease your share capital.

Reach out to the reviewers: If you really want to make noise in the market, then you have to reach out to your readers and ask for the reviews. Book Reviews are very important today and play an important role in driving the sale of the book. After reading your book, reviewers can post their thoughts on their personal blog or they can also share them on social media.

Organize a giveaway: Another free and easy way to market your book is to give sample chapters to readers. You can do that by offering a pdf file of your best chapters and giving it to readers and letting them test your unique writing if they like your book story this will definitely put them on your book purchase page. Think of this process as an opportunity for readers to read the preface.

Organize contests for the distribution of free copies: Post the free book quiz and let readers know you’ve written a book. You can organize the competition through Magazines, Personal Blogs, YouTube and Paid Promotions.

Go online: Another important tool for marketing your book is online. There are many websites that offer free promotions to novice writers, if you are among them, look for the same one on the Internet. Vowelor is one of the best online book platforms that you can explore, where you will be provided with so many options to market your book in many different ways.

Ask your close and loved ones: There is a very good saying that charity begins at home. The best way to get the real answer from the story is to ask your family member for a preliminary reading. You should get your friends, colleagues, clients, or anyone who likes your book to review reviews on Amazon and other online bookstores. Amazon is very influential and reviews are important, so please encourage anyone who says they enjoyed your book to post a review.

Ask about paid reviews: There are many reviewers in the social media world who charge a minimal amount of money to review books. You can hire 5-10 reviews and ask them to put their genuine reviews on Amazon. The more reviews you have on your Amazon page, the more visible your book will be to people in the bestseller category, and once you enter that category, your book sales automatically started to increase. It will take time, but it is worth the wait. The only thing you can be sure of is getting the actual response from the reviewers.

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