Press releases are a great way to effectively spread the word about your business and website, but you need to know how to send a press release before you can reap the potential rewards. Regardless of whether or not you are the one actively managing and submitting your press release, or using any of a number of free and paid press release sites, you need to do it a certain way to ensure its success.

Sending out a press release has a lot to do with how it is actually written and prepared. While there is no standard way to send a release, these tips will help you no matter how you decide to do it:

• Size: This is especially important if you are going to take advantage of the many online press release distribution services that are currently available. If you do, you must ensure that you follow the proper format. Formatting style may vary from place to place, so please note this beforehand. If you don’t use proper formatting when submitting your release with a distribution service, your press release will never see the light of day.

• Style: Make sure your news is not in the style of an advertisement. First of all, no one wants to watch an ad when they think it’s going to open a news story. This can be disturbing and even considered SPAM. Also, if you write press releases that look too much like advertisements, many distribution services won’t let you send them out in the first place.

• No attachments: When sending a press release to a group of followers you may have or even to different PR editors, don’t use attachments. Publishers will not open attachments and will rarely open them, even their most loyal followers. A press release should be submitted as the actual piece and nothing should be difficult to access.

• Relevance to the title: Your press release must be relevant to your title. Too many people get caught up in the idea of ​​a catchy headline and forget that the headline and body should be one on topic. If you have a catchy headline and irrelevant information in actual press releases, then the result will often be that your press release will go nowhere.

Again, you can choose to use your own email or even fax your press releases, but with the many free and paid press release services available, why would you? You can simply follow the rules that each PR distribution service sets, enter your text where prompted, and with a few clicks of the mouse button, your press release is instantly sent to numerous people, news agencies, and other outlets. selling points However you decide to do it, just make sure you do it the right way.

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