With these two operating systems dominating the modern technical age, it is very difficult to conclude which is better, iOS or Android. It is undoubtedly a personal preference of the users, but still to go deeper into the debate, it is better to compare the facilities provided by these operating systems. However, the facilities provided by Apple and Google will vary according to their own criteria. Apple apps definitely signify a very innovative turning point in the world of technology, but Google has mastered the fact with equal excellence.

With the introduction of these two operating systems, a revolutionary change has taken place in the world of technology. With over billions of users around the world, almost the same number of tech-savvy users use the operating system from Apple and Android today. However, it will be a mistake to judge the performance of both operating systems in terms of perspective because there are more surprises inside.

Consecutive Offers and Positions of iOS and Android

All iPhone lovers, who are craving for a new introductory offering in the series, should be on the lookout for the promotional tactics of this tech giant. Of course, it can be said that this tech giant invented something that users have been waiting for for a long time. The latest operating system is somewhat innovative, which was probably imaginary before it was sidelined. Apple Inc. is the king of apps, regularly coming up with new apps that techies love. The features, speed and design of the iPhone are overwhelming and are appreciated by all fans of technology. However, apart from all these aspects, there is one competitor left – Google, which comes with equally advanced applications that equally amaze users.

Reports say that Apple makes more profit than Google; but the number of Android users is much larger than Apple, with more than a million amounts increasing per day, according to the average estimate. However, Apple Inc. is no less competent than its competitor Google Inc.

The reason why users prefer Google apps over Apple’s is probably because their apps are paid, while their competitor’s are free (most). It should also be noted that users who own both an iPhone and an Android smartphone use the latter more. Even when it comes to apps, they reveal your iPhone. This is probably due to the difference in the quality of the applications offered by these two giants in the world of technology. It seems that even though Google made its apps free, users are more inclined towards quality in this context than quantity. Obviously though, Android apps are not useless as they serve all the essential purposes and are extremely easy to use, but Apple seems to focus more on uniqueness.

Levels of competition between the two

The competition between iOS and Android is indirect, but not between their manufacturers. You can see that the two of them are trying to hold on and create space to dominate each other. When Apple reigned supreme in smartphone technology, Google offered stiff competition with its invention of Android. When Google reigned as the search engine, Apple is poised to offer stiff competition with its invention of Siri, which is said to emerge as a fast location locator, with several features of the Google map, but more precise and direct. Almost every tech enthusiast knows that Apple Inc. has filed a case against Samsung, the largest maker of Android models, for using its technology and designs in the manufacture of Android models.

However, users should only consider their personal preference of using both and one that meets their specific requirements.

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