Liposuction is a miracle for those of us who cannot get rid of our pesky fat. You can try working out, you can eat right, you can wear fat-busting crystals with pure energy ions … and you can still find those plump pockets hanging around.

The real problem is not just fat tissue, but cellulite. This is the “cottage cheese” appearance that those of us with weight problems have come to hate. While liposuction is the most effective cure for fatty areas of the body, it just doesn’t get cellulite.

That is why there is a new type of lipo available: it is called endermological treatment. The Endermologie treatment is performed in sessions once the lipo is finished. Helps smooth skin and get the results you want.

Sucks the fat and softens the skin

Endermologie treatment is a non-surgical procedure in which the doctor places a small suction device with rollers on your skin. As the surgeon rolls it, he massages the skin and smooths the cellulite areas, in the same way that an iron removes wrinkles from clothing. It slightly stretches the skin and trains it to be smooth and natural.

This will be done in sessions after your lipo treatment. Most of the time, doctors will recommend five sessions. Five sessions is enough to get rid of cellulite in most cases, but for difficult cases, your surgeon can do more. Sessions usually last 30 minutes and can be done once a week.

Why the Lipo-Endermologie Combo Works

Both treatments have been around for a while, but putting them together is a new idea. We all know that liposuction removes unwanted fat areas, but it can leave behind folds, loose skin tissue, and cellulite. Likewise, endermologie has been used for years as a treatment for rough skin and other accumulations of fat. Putting them together creates a remarkable solution that addresses both problems.

Side effects, pain, and other problems

Endermologie is safe as milk and painful as a deep massage. This treatment is non-invasive, which means that it does not involve any surgery. There are no known side effects. Doctors recommend that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after treatment, as it can dry out. Other than this, there are no risks or dangers at all.

It is not painful or uncomfortable. It feels like a good massage. Not only will your skin smooth and stretch smoothly, you may feel more relaxed afterward and even find that you have more energy. Of course, these benefits are not scientifically proven, but have been reported by many after receiving treatment.

Endermologie liposuction is a great way to eliminate problems with fat, fatty tissue, and damaged skin. If you suffer from obesity or sagging bags, speak with a plastic surgeon today about what liposuction and endermology can do for you.

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