Fred Smoot is set to return to the Washington Redskins after spending two years with the Minnesota Vikings. It’s good that Smoot decided to come back and be present for his meeting with the Redskins because he hasn’t spent much on the team during the first three days of free agency.

After the opening of free agency, Smoot and linebacker London Fletcher are the only players the Redskins have signed thus far. Coach Joe Gibbs said there were no new free agents scheduled for visits. This is very different from what happened last year when the Redskins signed 6 players in the first four days of free agency.

The Redskins decided not to sign offensive lineman Leonard Davis, who asked for a big deal. Later, cornerback Travis Fisher was deemed superfluous as the team had already reached an agreement with Smoot.

Smoot played four seasons with the Redskins before leaving in 2005 for the Minnesota Vikings. He would like to forget his two years with the Vikings in which he suffered injuries, violated team rules and was charged with disorderly conduct for his behavior at the “Love Boat” party. In the end, he lost his starting job and was fired.

Gibbs now acknowledges that it was a mistake to let Smoot go two years ago. However, he made it clear that he did not promise Smoot the starting job. Smoot would have to compete with Carlos Rogers and Shawn Springs for playing time. Spring has resisted renegotiating his contract and could be traded or released. If that happens, then Smoot could get the starting job.

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