Today more and more homeowners want that wonderful addition of adding a new pool. To ensure that the pool gets only the best protection, the discussion of Diamond Brite exposed aggregate pool finishing should be explored. Diamond Brite combines natural quartz aggregates and polymer-modified cement in a dazzling array of colors. As many know, natural quartz is one of the toughest minerals on the planet, making it an excellent choice for pool surface protection. Many conventional marble-based pool plasters cannot make this claim. The true greatness of this product is that it resists pool chemicals very well; thus severely reducing the degradation of the material. Since it provides such protection against breakdown, permanent staining will be greatly reduced and colors will also not fade. I guess you could say that he has a real “bond” with the pool. This special combination of substances provides a truly unique finish that will stand the test of time. No matter how harsh or demanding the environment, this finish will provide many years of gratification for the homeowner and their guests.


These types of finishes are combined at the factory level to offer the pool owner not only a highly attractive presentation, but also a remarkably durable product that can be used for both new and renovated pools. These are just some of the benefits of this great product:

1. As stated, it is extremely durable which will increase the life of the pool.

2. When properly applied, it will provide a polished, comfortable, non-slip surface for the swimmer. Simply put, it’s extremely easy on your feet while in the pool.

3. It is scratch and stain resistant.

4. Finally, improved bonding and decreased water penetration close the list.


Examples of Diamond Brite Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes

Classic, Blue, Tahoe Blue, Midnight Blue, Marlin Blue, Aqua Blue, Cool Blue, Super Blue, Ivory, French Grey, Green, Pearl, Onyx, Aqua Quartz, Premium White

Examples of Diamond Brite Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes – Watercolors

Cayman, Tahiti Blue, Ocean Blue, Cool Quartz, Aegean, Turtle Cay, Isla Verde, Cobalt, Steel Blue


As you can see, Diamond Brite lives up to the hype. If you want to protect your pool now and in the future, then Diamond Brite should be at the top of your list.

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