The search for foreclosure counselors and helpers has begun. Fraudsters are now being hunted down.

Yes, attorneys are on the lookout for any person or company that has offered help to foreclosure victims. Lawyers now advertise on Craigslist and offer legal help to victims of foreclosure lies. The difference with this new offer of help to foreclosure victims by the legal community is that it is an offer to go against the people who tried or offered to help victims in the first place.

This offer is made by the attorneys who are now prepared to take on, on a contingency basis, any willing person in trouble against a foreclosure relief company. They offer their services now on a contingency basis, meaning they don’t require up-front fees.

Now, in these types of cases do they need money up front from a foreclosure victim? There are plenty of laws to handsomely reward any successful action against anyone who offered help to a foreclosure victim. We have yet to see any help offered to foreclosure victims on a contingency basis in a victim’s case against lenders.

There has never been good, long-range, bulletproof, consumer legal protection against mortgage lenders on the U.S. statute books. Victims of foreclosures have now been scammed so thoroughly they are too scared to seek help, from anyone.

Tired and fed up victims now would rather just lose the property and say let it go, rather than get bogged down further in a cesspool of dubious hope.

Perhaps, this is just what was meant to happen. Yes, maybe this is what was meant to happen to the faint of heart. The weak heart never won the heart of a beautiful lady.

Despite all the opposition and hardship, there are still people who really care and are champions of justice who want to see justice done. All you have to do is pray and ask for wisdom to recognize a good thing when you see it and call on them.

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