Tablets are something unique and different. We hadn’t seen anything like it before. Just a few years ago there was no such product, but now it is one of the fastest selling devices in the world and nothing like it has ever existed. And it would probably be difficult to match that feat in the future.

If you are planning to buy a tablet right now, you should definitely check out what Android tablets have to offer. There are many devices that use the software and they all have something unique to offer.

Advantages and disadvantages- To help you make a decision on whether to buy an Android tablet or not, I have listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of these devices here. I hope this list of information can help you make the best decision.

• The main advantage of Android tablets, of course, is the fact that there are so many to choose from. There are so many tablets that use the operating system and that is because Android was designed to be versatile and adaptable to any type of platform. This means that whatever your preference is when it comes to a device, you could probably get it from Android.

• Another great advantage of Android tablets is that they have low system requirements. They can be installed on devices with very low ratings, and yet they can still work just as well. That is something you cannot get from another OS.

• With the way Android has been designed it has an open architecture. This means that anyone, including the users themselves, can create Android apps and everything would work without a hitch. Because of that, there is a flood of new apps that can do a lot of things that are currently available.

• Android is constantly updated, which means that the operating system is constantly being improved and adjusted to make its performance even better.

• There are hundreds of thousands of applications available for devices using Android. You are sure to find something to suit your needs.

Now we go to the disadvantages that you could get when using Android tablets:

• A disadvantage of Android is the fact that the applications that you can download for your device were created with malicious intentions. They can leave you exposed to security threats and all.

• The fact that there are constant updates for Android that we have listed as a bonus can be annoying for some people. It can be a hassle for some and can cost them valuable time.

Those are just some of the advantages and disadvantages that you can get when using Android tablets. There are a few more, but so far those are the most important that we can name. So keep them in mind when buying a tablet.

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