Learn all about having a pet pygmy goat

If you are looking for information on pygmy goats as pets, then you must have come to the right place. These animals are miniature but generate a considerable amount of energy. They are very active and if left unchecked they will be in and on everything in sight.

These little ones are not normally used for meat or milk like the larger breeds. It seems that they are used almost exclusively as pets. You don’t need a big backyard for them to be happy. Make sure there are no restrictions on keeping pygmy goats in your area before planning to get a new pet.

Pygmy goats are very playful and intelligent and can easily get bored if they don’t have company to play with, making them wonderful pets. As their name implies, they are very small compared to normal goats. There is a lot of energy stored in them and they will almost behave like a dog. They will enjoy being manipulated and will follow you around if allowed.

They are extremely hardy and will easily adapt in cold climates by creating a thick, woolly undercoat. This breed of goat is among the handful of animals that can breed outside of their regular season. For this reason, they can deliver several kids for each season.

Perhaps one of the main reasons these goats are kept as pets compared to others is because they love people and are extremely social. When they are brought home as pets, it is imperative that their horns be removed to avoid harming people or even other goats. These animals can also be infamously curious, and sometimes manage to stick their antlers into fences or any other restricted places.

Pygmy Goat Care Tips

As mentioned above, they will adapt to almost all environments. Your diet should consist mainly of grains and vegetables. It is advisable to provide him with elements that allow him to play and have fun because he likes to jump and can even climb on the roofs of small vehicles. When it comes to housing, you need to have adequate open area and a shed that can be accessed all the time.

If you have other animals at home, it is best to introduce your pygmy goat to this group carefully, as it could harm them. They are classified as prey animals and therefore you should keep them in proper shelters, especially at night. It is imperative that he be given fresh water on a daily basis, because he will most likely not drink it if it is not fresh.

In essence, if you have a pygmy goat as a pet you will not regret it because they love to have contact with humans. As long as you give this pet the best care to keep it healthy and fit, it will end up being the ideal companion for both adults and children.

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