Refurbished Phones Suitable For Travelers

While buying a new phone might seem like the best choice, refurbished devices can offer a great deal of savings, particularly for frequent travellers. But they aren’t right for everyone, so it’s important to consider a few key points before you buy one.

First, look for a warranty. refurbished mobiles should always come with a warranty, although the length of that warranty will vary depending on the seller and type of device. For example, Apple’s refurbished devices come with a year of warranty coverage, while others (like Amazon or Best Buy) only guarantee their products for 90 days. It’s also worth checking the terms of your credit card; many offer extended warranty protection when you shop for refurbished items.

You should also make sure your refurbished phone has been tested before it’s shipped. This will typically include a test to see whether the battery charges, as well as checks of the screen’s responsiveness and audio quality. Some sellers will even upgrade a handset to the latest version of its operating system and wipe all data off the handset, so it arrives as an empty slate.

Are Refurbished Phones Suitable For Travelers?

If you’re shopping for a refurbished phone from a major network or established retailer, they should guarantee their handsets. They may also sell their refurbished handsets on payment plans that are wrapped into your cell phone bill. But if you’re purchasing a refurbished device from an independent refurbisher, be sure to ask about their return and warranty policies.

Refurbished phones are typically rated according to their condition. While minor scratches or scuffs are to be expected, structural damage can make a device unsuitable for resale. Grade A phones are considered to be almost as good as new, while grades B and C have some cosmetic wear but no substantial issues.

You can find a wide variety of refurbished phones online, including from large retailers and mobile networks. But some sites specialise in a specific brand or model. Check the site’s reputation and customer reviews before making a purchase. And it’s worth looking at the prices of individual sellers to compare their offers and guarantees.

Another consideration is the availability of spare parts for your refurbished phone. While most brands should have replacement parts available, it’s not unusual to find that certain components are difficult or impossible to source for some older models.

This is especially true for the batteries in some refurbished phones, so it’s worth researching the refurbisher’s policy on these. Back Market, for example, which is a newer offering that acts as a marketplace for small refurbishers, says it will replace or refund a faulty battery within six months of purchase. In contrast, Gazelle says it will replace a battery within the first two years of ownership.

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