Online Mindfulness Certification

Join an international cohort to learn the foundations of mindfulness, deepen your own practice, and develop the skills to support others on their journey. This 5-month internationally recognized course is designed to awaken joy through exciting themes and practices that incline the mind toward well-being and deeper insight.

You will explore your body and the world of sensations as a nourishing foundation for curiosity, self-inquiry, and compassion in a consistent meditation practice. You will also embrace embodiment practices that open the door to a deepening of presence and the experience of being embodied. You will cultivate a rockstar meditation practice and learn to be aware of the inner and outer tools you need for living with freedom, peace, and love.

Awakening Presence: online mindfulness certification is an immersive program that spans a year and is offered on our beautiful, user-friendly online learning platform. Each module is filled with guided meditations, recorded talks, inquiries, and activities. You can access the modules and all of the accompanying materials from any device, anywhere in the world. The first module is available as soon as you register, and then you will receive a new module every 10 days. You can also take the course at your own pace and return to the modules even after you have completed the entire training.

Awakened Presence: Online Mindfulness Certification

This is the program for you if you want to become a teacher of mindfulness and are committed to continuing your spiritual journey on a path of awakening, service, and leadership. You will learn how to teach mindfulness from the inside out, and you will be supported by other teachers and participants as you build your teaching skills and confidence. You will be encouraged to share your own unique wisdom and experience with the group, and you will benefit from receiving feedback from your teachers and peers in a supportive environment geared to optimize your current mindfulness teaching skills and evolve in new areas so that you can be the most effective teacher you can be.

In addition to the monthly teachings, you will be invited to join Eckhart and Kim for a live Q&A session during each program. These sessions will give you the opportunity to ask questions that are most alive for you and to clarify any teachings you have been exploring.

You will be welcomed into an intimate community of students from around the world who are also dedicated to a life of awakening, service, and leadership. The connection that develops within this community is one of the most significant aspects of the program.

Leza is a beloved teacher of mindfulness and yoga who has been guiding students in her home studio in Boulder, CO for over 30 years. She is known for her ability to meet students where they are at with kindness and deep compassion, helping them to develop a practice that is rooted in their lives and that can be shared with others. Leza has a deep passion for awakening the consciousness of humanity, and she brings this to her teachings.

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