Motivation is an important factor that plays a huge role in improving efficiency and increasing productivity. Motivation drives people to perform at their best in all the activities they do. Lack of motivation hinders productivity and damages growth prospects. Managers and leaders are required to increase employee and team morale. They may use various means or incentives to increase motivation. This differs from person to person and from situation to situation.

Attending personal development workshops can increase personal motivation. Seminars, training programs or professional training courses can help people to increase their personal levels of motivation. People are also advised to read or listen to inspirational material. This plays an important role in increasing your personal level of motivation. Another significant way that people can increase their personal motivation is by associating with positive people.

To achieve organizational goals and objectives, managers and team leaders must increase the morale of their employees and subordinates. They are advised to constantly keep in touch with their employees and improve modes of communication to facilitate proper feedback. Proper assignment of authority and designation of responsibility also helps to increase the level of motivation among the employees. It is commonly seen that financial incentives and benefits offered also turn out to be the most effective motivational tools in the hands of employers. Acknowledging talent and giving appropriate praise when necessary also helps increase employee motivation.

Various theories have been compiled taking human psychology into account. “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” and “McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y” are the most famous theories that have been developed. These theories have helped immensely in understanding human behavior. They have analyzed human needs, which has facilitated the development of new and improved means of motivating employees and individuals.

Analyzing human behavior and accordingly fulfilling desires can help increase a person’s level of motivation.

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