Top1: What are the main costs of renting a property in Leeds?

If you don’t have a car, location is very important. If a flat is far away from a school and not close to public transport, it can be very inconvenient. Gas, electricity, telephone service and other ‘incidentals’ are not usually included in the rent and must be paid by the tenant on a monthly basis. You have to pay each service company directly. Before you sign the contract, get an estimate of the monthly charges from the handyman company or from a previous tenant. In colder areas, heating costs may be more expensive and water and rubbish costs are generally included in the rent.

Top2: How do I choose the orientation of a flat to rent in Leeds?

Living in a high-rise flat in the city is similar to living Leeds student accommodation. Living on a higher floor gives you a better view and better air; the advantage of a lower floor is that you can take the stairs if you don’t want to wait for the lift, rather than being stuck on the upper floors. If you want to avoid the sun, choose a room facing north; if you want more sunshine and warmth, a bedroom facing south is a better choice. If you don’t mind the western sun, try not to choose the westernmost house in the neighbourhood. Ventilation is also very important, especially if you love to fry, you should consider choosing a house with a well ventilated kitchen, with windows on both sides to create indoor airflow.

Top3: What should I know about renting in Leeds?

1. The landlord must inform the tenant of the rights and obligations of both parties. 2. Once the tenancy agreement has been signed by the tenant and handed to the landlord, the landlord must give the tenant the agreement signed by both parties within the next 21 days. If there is no written tenancy agreement between the parties, the landlord must also notify the tenant of his or her legally recognised name and address within 21 days of the tenant moving in; 3. If the landlord does not give the tenant the tenancy agreement or notify the legally recognised name and address within the required period, the tenant may not pay the rent; however, once the student accommodation Leeds has done so, the tenant must pay the landlord the rent that has been temporarily withheld.

Top4; What do I need to prepare before moving into a rented property in Leeds?

1. Make sure that doors, windows etc. are in good condition and that all keys are in working order. Prepare a folder with all your rent documents, bills, copies of your tenancy agreement, gas safety certificate, utility bills and maintenance contact numbers, and keep a record of everything related to your tenancy. 3. Make sure you have updated all your important documents such as bank statements, school correspondence, etc. to the new address after you move in. 4. check the general condition of the property, such as the location of the main switch, gas and water valves, and test the smoke and fire alarms to make sure they are in working order.”

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