One of the main districts of Mauritius is Plaine Wilhems. Plaine Wilhems has the most important cities on the island, such as Beau Bassin, Rose Hill, Vacoas and Phoenix. The district is divided into two parts: Upper Plaine Wilhems and Lower Plaine Wilhems. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest cities in Mauritius.

Rose Hill is considered the third largest city in Mauritius. The place is immensely commercial. There are different businesses and shops similar to Port Louis. Many local food vendors occupy their respective stalls to offer a wide variety of dishes. From noodles to ‘dholl puri’, one can eat anything according to one’s desire. Many people also go shopping at this famous place in Mauritius. If you search, you can find many items at competitive prices. Furthermore, in this part of Mauritius, there is also a major bus station. Renowned bus companies such as NTC and UBS connect Rose Hill to various parts of Mauritius.

Also, Rose Hill was known in the 18th century due to the spread of malaria. At that time, the malaria epidemic had affected Mauritius, mainly the inhabitants of Port Louis. The reason was that the hot weather there accelerated the growth of these mosquitoes. In fact, many people moved to the upper Plaine Wilhems, where the climate was cool and thus kept the epidemic at bay. Today Rose Hill is the most inhabited place in Mauritius with a mixture of all ethnic groups. Arab Town is a well-known place in Mauritius and Rose Hill for cheap shopping. Some of the places of interest are the Balfour Garden and the Cascadelle Lookout.

Furthermore, Port Louis is the capital and main business center of Mauritius. Port Louis is also the smallest district in Mauritius. But this has not restricted the development of this district. Most of the key government offices and departments are located in Port Louis. Most of the central offices, such as those of banks and Mauritius Telecom, are also located there. In short, Port Louis is the business center of Mauritius and similarly the meeting point for most buyers and sellers. Port Louis also has the largest port in Mauritius. The bulk sugar terminal has been built near the port to facilitate the export of sugar. Le Caudan Waterfront is also a famous place in Port Louis. People come from all over Mauritius to have fun in its casinos, restaurants, cinemas and gambling halls etc. A well-known five-star hotel in Mauritius called the Labourdonnais Hotel also makes Le Caudan Waterfront a more lively place for tourists.

Horse racing and gambling are one of the main interests of most Mauritians. The event normally takes place on the weekends, especially on Saturdays at a place called Champ de Mars in Port Louis. Thousands of people come from all over Mauritius to have fun and bet on their favorite horses. Betting procedures, as well as all races, are organized and controlled by the Mauritius Turf Club.

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