There are many industries on the island of Mauritius. Some of the major industries in Mauritius are textiles, chemicals, food processing, tourism, metal products, non-electrical machinery, and transportation equipment.

It seems that the textile industry has been one of the main industries in Mauritius for the last 30 years. The Chinese population of Mauritius is primarily responsible for the development of textiles on the island. Investors from Hong Kong also play an important role in the textile development of Mauritius. There are hundreds of factories on the island of Mauritius. Items for brands such as Burberry, JCPenny and Giorgio Armani are produced in these factories. Over the years, there has been an increase in wages in Mauritius. This brings with it more wealth on the island. Today, a textile/garment worker can earn around $150 a month. This may not sound like much to an American, but it is actually four or even five times more than neighboring Mauritius.

The food processing industry in Mauritius is largely made up of sugar milling. The sugarcane industry came to Mauritius in the year of 1639. There are so many sugarcane fields in Mauritius. Now there is also organic sugar production on the island. The sugar industry is facing some setbacks right now. Sugar prices have fallen in the markets. In addition to the price decline, the cost of production has increased. This means that people are not paying as much for sugar as before and the cost of production is much higher. There has also been a loss of sugarcane growing territories, so not as much sugar is produced on the island. These problems can be solved. The sugarcane industry in Mauritius can survive this economic struggle and remain a major industry on the island.

By visiting the island of Mauritius, you will get an idea of ​​all the industries that are there. Who knows? You may even want to invest in one of Mauritius’s leading industries.

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