An architect design blueprint can be found on the Internet and in architecture magazines. A set of plans located on the web, Sage Springs Club and Spa, shows a luxuriously appointed club and spa. The first floor of this spa / gym has a large luxurious lobby and reception area. A spa and fitness store that sells sportswear and various other spa products. Also on level one of this spa is a relaxation room, massage therapy rooms, wet room with vicy shower, and a pedicure / manicure room.

The second floor of this architecturally designed spa floor plan has a conditioning room with a glass wall overlooking the tennis court below. This room also features Precor cardio equipment, cybex strength circuit, four screen TV channels with movie music channels with wireless headphones. There is also a movement studio for aerobics, yoga, and stretching and toning exercises. At each station at this spa, you are treated like royalty. Membership in spas like this is expensive, but it is a considerable expense.

Downstairs, the floor plans show five full-size regulation tennis courts and 3-lane indoor lap pools and spa.

There are many floor plans for different spas and gyms available on the Internet. Most of them have some of the Sage Spring Spa and Club amenities, but this one had the most interesting floor plan of all. Before joining an expensive spa or gym, check off the ones that interest you. Compare services, amenities, and prices before signing anything.

The floor plans of the detached condominiums are presented similar to a “house” that is not part of a condominium complex. A floor plan for a freestanding condo in Michigan has a large family room, dining area, master bedroom with private bath, small kitchen with an island, powder room, and second floor bedroom. There is also a garage on the first floor. A finishable basement has the potential for at least two more bedrooms. Detached condos are ideal for people who don’t have the time or desire to garden. It would also be good for older people who can no longer mow or shovel snow.

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