Google Jackpot is one of the few online training programs geared towards helping people learn how to market various products and services online. The instructional guide comes in the form of a CD, which is shipped to the home of the product purchaser. This guide instructs users on how to create a list of promotional websites that display special offers from other online businesses. These offers come from AdSense ads or affiliate offers, or both. As these offers are marketed over the Internet, the site owner exposes the site to specific prospects. As these prospects purchase an Affiliate product or click on an AdSense link, text, or banner, the website owner earns a commission. Here are additional pros and cons that describe Google Jackpot in more detail.

Pros and cons

  1. The user of the product can establish a home business by following the instructions in the guide.
  2. Google Jackpot customers can create their own hours as the internet never goes off.
  3. The system does not require the client to have advanced typing or technical skills.
  4. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the average user to master creating multiple websites.
  5. The system is repetitive and requires the client to play dozens of sites of the same type, which can get tedious after a while.
  6. The user of the product will need to establish advanced marketing skills to make their home-based business a success.

Common questions

How many clicks on AdSense ads does a website owner need to get to establish a stable home business with Google Jackpot? Each AdSense ad has a different commission payment. Ideally, hundreds of websites will need to be created to get the number of ads needed to compare the system to an established corporation.

How long does it take to put up a promotional website? The average user can create a promotional website in as little as an hour. Some marketers may choose to outsource most of the work to multiple freelancers to help speed up the process of building multiple sites.

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